Prana Therapy

What is Pran therapy or Aura healing? Aura healing or Pran therapy is an ancient yogic science of preventing and curing physical or psychological ailments by healing subtle bodies. It was discovered several thousand years ago in India during Vedic culture. It is extremely helpful in preventing as well as curing all sorts of diseases. Among the healing arts such as Reiki, Energy Healing, Pranic healing, or energy work, there are many common principles, practices, and approaches to treatment and healing. This healing method works on energy bodies (also being referred to as Human Energy Field), uses prana (life energy) and compassion (love). This healing method uses the mind and intentions which can reach anywhere in this universe, so this science has the advantage of curing even when a patient is several thousand miles away.

What is aura? Aura is the subtle part of our body which cannot be seen with eyes. It was often shown as an illuminating field around the physical body in old paintings. Nowadays, taking its photo is possible by Kirlian photography. Aura consists of four subtle bodies- pranic body, mental body, intellectual body and spiritual body. From these bodies we derive: life energy (pran), functions of thinking, feeling emotions, storing information in memory, taking decisions, feeling peace and spiritual happiness.

What is the role of Pran? Pran, besides being life energy, plays a vital role in maintaining the quality and health of all the functions of the physical body, mind and intellect. It can prevent as well as cure any sort of disease. The slightest deficiency of it disturbs the proper functioning of all bodies allowing disorder and diseases to manifest themselves primarily in the subtle bodies and ultimately in our physical body. Besides, our mind develops a negative attitude towards life which is detrimental for our perception of everything in life.

Relation between physical body and subtle bodies. Both life and quality of life depend on the proper functioning of these bodies. If these subtle bodies do not perform normally, the physical body or mind falls ill. At the time of death, these subtle bodies have been found slowly becoming non-functional and ultimately they leave the physical body to allow it to decompose. The subtle bodies play a role of a protective shield around the physical body and prevent physical and emotional ailments. Generally, diseases develop in the subtle bodies first and then they affect the physical body. Therefore, by taking care of our subtle bodies, ailments can be prevented as well as cured (read feedbacks of my patients).

Method of Aura healing. In Aura healing (pran therapy/pranic healing/reiki healing ), the subtle bodies are repaired without any medicine. The healer simply moves his palms around the patient’s body in a specific way with an absolutely focused and prayerful mind. He scans, cleans and replenishes the subtle bodies with Pran. Patients simply sit or lie in any comfortable position. At the end of the healing session, patients feel extremely relaxed and calm.

What are the benefits of Aura healing? Aura healing (pran therapy/pranic healing/reiki healing ), is extremely useful in removing physical as well as emotional problems. It has been found miraculously effective in:

  • removing stress, depression, emotional instability, fatigue, conflicts, confusion, worries, sleep disorder
  • increasing mental concentration
  • improving consistency
  • improving positive thinking
  • improving decision-making ability
  • removing physical and mental ailments
  • preventing possible future ailments
  • keeping mind calm and full of energy
  • protecting from negative vibrations or black magic

Who can benefit from Aura healing? Everybody can learn Aura healing Level – 1 (pran therapy/pranic healing/reiki healing ) in just three days easily for self healing or healing others for  simple problems. There are no limitations of age, gender or religion. To become an advanced professional healer, additional training, study, and practice are needed under the instruction of a capable teacher.

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