Many students and patients have shared positive feedback and testimonials from their experiences of learning, growth and healing through the courses, workshops and counselling offered by Pavan Jain. Feel free to contact us with your questions and comments.

Dr. Neeraj Bora, Chief of Sewa Hospital, Lucknow, India.

Yogacharya Pavan Jain gave treatment of aura healing to several patients in our hospital who were not responding to our medicines and to my surprise all patients got cured quite soon.

He could stop post-operative bleeding of a lady within a few minutes who was continuously bleeding for the last several days.

Another patient was in the state of coma. He also responded to his treatment miraculously.

Mr. Pavan is amazing. He is a great pran therapist ( pranic healer) and yoga teacher.

Sumita Dubey, India

I was suffering from constipation and low back pain for the last 10 years and took both allopathic and aurvedic medicines but didn’t get complete relief. Mr. Pavan Jain, yoga teacher, aura healer (pranic healer) and acupressure healer, taught me yogic shatkarma for constipation, seven simple yogasanas and acupressure for back pain. In one week, I got complete relief. I feel lighter and more energetic.

I am very grateful to Pavanji for teaching me how to take care of my body in natural way.

Pavanji also treated my seven year old son also for his cough and cold which was troubling him for the last 3 three years. He taught him jal neti, kunjal and three simple yogasanas. Now my son is doing all of them and started feeling much better in one week.

After getting relief I have also attended his 4 hours “Aura Care training” (also known as pran therapy or pranic healing). I am now looking forward to learn “Aura Healing Level -1” from him.

Kind regards.

I.D. Goel, Lucknow, India

I had lost vision of one eye suddenly during a car journey ( central retinal vein occlusion). Medical doctors declared restoration of vision impossible. I lost all hope and remained in utter dejection for about two weeks. Then I contacted healer Shri Pavan Jain to get my aura (subtle bodies) checked and treated. Within twenty four hours of his starting the treatment of aura healing ( pran therapy ), I was able to see things hazily from that eye. Gradually in next six days I could see everything clearly. He did wonders. I am grateful to him. I wish him success.

Guillaume, France

I am happy to have met Pavan, he is a great human being. Living close to him, I learnt a lot during the Pran Therapy course level-1 ( also popular as pranic healing) as much on a technical level as on a human level. Pavan teaches with simplicity, efficiency and joy.

Immediately after the course I practiced this healing science and I can say that there are lots of good feedbacks from the patients. In particular, insomnia, basic headaches or pains and highly emotional states are quickly pacified.

But the more important, I think, is the peace or calm that all patients mention, lasting for some days, which encourages them to grow their inner peace further.

I am very grateful to Pavan ji and to the sciences he teaches, I can only recommend them.

A big thanks

Claude, France

My meeting with Pavan was fascinating. I appreciate 3 main points: the depth and simplicity of his teachings during his course Prana therapy level-1; the efficiency of the treatments he gave me, in particular the removal of my problem of tinnitus in one day; the accuracy of his diagnosis about my chakras from a distance.

Aude, France

This prana therapy course with Pavan is a gift from the sky, a life gift, and through this message I want to show all my gratefulness. Feeling this heat, this energy, this Prâna, in my body makes a new contact with the deepest Being within me. I feel one more physical sensation in me, it gives me the joy of being connected to Divine Nature, through the body. I am happy to share my realisation of this connection through Prana therapy which allows me to cooperate with Nature’s great work.

Anuradha, India

My three year old daughter was suffering from asthma. When all medicines including steroids failed to give her any relief, I brought her to aura healer and yogacharya Pavan Jain for the treatment. She became alright by his treatment within three days.

I have no words to praise aura healing and Pavan Guru ji. Finding aura healing ( pran therapy) , pranayama, yogic shatkarma and yoga asana useful in removing ailments and for improving general fitness as well I decided to learn them from Pavan Guru ji.

I am practising my lessons and taking aura healing sessions bi-monthly from him and these are of a great help to my body and mind. My sincere regards to him.

Shikha Singh, India

shikha-singhMy main problem was depression which started in my early childhood and became worse, until now at my age of 26 years. My attitude and patience diminished. I had no enthusiasm or desire to live any longer. In the last two years I suffered through many health problems and failures in every area of life. For a long time I had problems sleeping through the night.

I sought out medical treatment from many psychiatrists of reputable hospitals and healthcare facilities, but there was no improvement in the condition of my body or mind.

I came to know about Pavan Jain sir through a friend of mine in Lucknow. In the early four or five sittings of “Aura Healing”, I did not feel any improvement, but in the next five sittings I gradually started feeling a lot of improvement. My attitude improved and became more positive. I can sleep better. All the problems of my body disappeared completely. Emotional stability has developed. The healing session felt pleasant, and like a spiritual experience. The counseling and guidance of Pavan sir has helped me have direction and focus in my thinking. Now I feel free from all futile thinking and worries. There is no war of thoughts into my mind.

Today I am free from depression. I will remain always grateful to Pavan sir for it.

(It is an English translation.)

Caroline, Switzerland

Dear Pavanji,

I feel very grateful that I had the chance to meet you and consequently to follow your course Yoga Level I. I had the opportunity to learn so many different things than the ones that are usually taught in our westernised Yoga classes.

I believe this is just the beginning of the path / journey as there are so many things to learn and mostly to practise for it to become a way of life. I feel very enthusiastic to have the possibility to use all the cleaning practices you taught us and in this way to be grateful to my body for all it gives to me — not only my physical body but also pranic and emotional body.

The course was very structured and I also appreciate very much Pavan’s ability to transfer his knowledge making it so interesting to learn and explaining it in a very simple way. I could stay hours listening to him!

Thank you very much. I am looking forward to practise and to follow the Level II course.

Dianna Sprague, USA

This class (Prana Therapy) was beyond my expectations. The teachings on preparation of the healer with meditation, self-care, breathing and respect and gratitude for prana were excellent.

Guruji is a patient, kind, compassionate and excellent teacher.

Thank you

Joan Adams, USA

I was amazed at how personal the feeling was between teacher and student even though it was given through Skype.

I loved the practice sessions and appreciated how clearly the instructions were given for each procedure.

This has been a very exciting workshop with valuable information I will use for self improvement as well as help for my clients. Thank you.

Nell Gates, USA

I enjoyed this workshop (Prana Therapy Level-1 on line) and the simplicity of the teaching. I am worried about follow through with all the techniques and practise as my time is so limited. I was not aware of this commitment needed before the course. However I am so grateful for this new knowledge and very intent on incorporating this into my present healing practice and my daily life as much as possible. I have the highest respect for Guruji as well as deep gratitude for your help and your patient and kind teaching.

I feel personally better physically/spiritually after the first 2 weekends of training.

I would love to receive a full course of Prana Therapy personally.

Maggie (Mildred I. Freel), USA

This was my first experience using skype and it was wonderful. The technology allowed for interaction, instruction, supervision and spiritual presence of the teacher.

I have studied many subtle energy approaches to healing. The prana class provided an indepth knowing. I would recommend it to others who wished to understand the science of Prana Therapy.

Susan J McGuire, USA

First of all, it is still unclear to me as to why I signed up and am taking this course. When it was first mentioned to me, I felt a strong internal desire to attend, but did not understand this reaction. Anyway, here I am. My guru is Paramhansa Yogananda and I trust that he is comfortable and encouraging me to be here – even my skeptical but very supportive husband said to come. As a piano instructor and a Kriyaban, both have taught me the crucial necessity of frequent and mindful practice. All that is being given in this Healing Energy course (prana therapy level-1) is presented in such a way that is very easy to follow and understand. It is clear that Pavan Jain is a master of this healing, of its many complexities. It is a joy to be in this class and there are many gifts given by the master and the participants for which I am grateful.

Madhuri, Nigeria

I was suffering from severe backache for 10 years. There was dessication of L-4-5 disc and almost total obliteration of thecal sac and severe entrapment of nerve roots according to MRI examination.

Medicines failed to improve my condition and medical doctors had advised surgery. But I was doubtful of getting relief by surgery.

I had gone to meet my parents and brothers to India where I came to know about yogacharya and healer Pavan Jain. I took treatment from him and got relieved of pain in about ten days. Now I am practising the asanas taught by him and feeling fit. I give thanks to him.”

Sanjay, Australia

I was suffering from unbearable pain in my neck. On 13 October 2006 I got a MRI done which showed significant C5-6 disc protrusion impinging on C5-6 nerve roots and minimal C6-7 disc protrusion. I was taking treatment in Australia.

When I visited India in December 2006 there was still some pain and uneasiness in the neck which was interfering in my work and my confidence. The aura healing ( pranic healing) and acupressure ( foot refloxology) treatment by Mr. Pavan Jain removed the pain and restored my confidence in ten days. I found these methods of healing very useful.

Debora, Brasil

I had gone to Lucknow, India to meet a friend of mine where I decided to learn yoga from Pavan Guru ji. I told him about chronic pain in my leg for which I was taking physiotherapy also in my country but it had not gone.

Guru ji suggested me to get rid of pain first by aura healing (pran therapy) and then learn yogasana, pranayama etc. I accepted his suggestion. My pain vanished within three days of his treatment.

I was extremely happy and decided to learn aura healing. I extended my stay in Lucknow and learnt aura healing also. For me he is a wonderful teacher and healer.


I would have never thought that someone could do so much good in such a small period of time. Mr. Pavan cured me physically: my knees, hips and back do not hurt anymore and I can walk with ease and pleasure. I breathe more easily after years of asthma, it’s a real comfort. Everyday, his smile, his kindness, his strength and his confidence will remain with me and I know that my life and that of the ones close to me will be better thanks to him.

May the honourable Pavan be blessed for all the good he brings to this world.


I came to see Pavan, so he helps me get back a taste for life and find back my energy after an emotional shock. This shock was due to leaving of my ex-husband when I was eight months pregnant. After seven sittings of pran therapy ( pranic healing) and counselling, here I am filled with a new energy and advices that will help me go through this period. I feel lighter. During the treatments, I had very strong emotions. I felt that a cleansing of my inner self was being performed.

Thank you Mr. Pavan for this new departure, this rebirth.


I have come to meet Pavan for problems of concentration and to clarify my thoughts and emotions. I have mainly felt a change of orientation in my thoughts, during these six days of therapy.

I think the energy sessions and the advices allowed me to see the way towards my well-being. Pavan and I decided to keep in touch through email or Skype to follow the evolution of my state. We will then decide if we will meet in May.


Mainly, I felt a movement of energy from Pavan to me. It was manifested by a tingling sensation, feelings of heat in some areas of my body and sudden jerks, as if I received an electric shock, but without the pain. Compared to before the sessions, I felt I had much more energy.

My mood is better and I wake up much faster in the morning. I also feel less tired after work.


The six first prana-therapy sessions with Pavan were a revelation to me. During the first session, I had a very strong feeling. A very cold sensation went through my body and I saw the face of my grand-mother who lives 800 km. from where I stay. It was like a message. When I called my family, I was told that she had an accident a few hours before I received this message. In the following sessions, I had some premonitions, but I cannot say yet if they will occur. The future will tell.

In fact, the biggest change happened in my mind. Since I came to know that I had sclerosis almost two years ago, I was living in the fear of serious crisis. That fear, I was hiding it in the depths of my soul, making everybody, including myself, believe that I was strong and courageous. The result was that I had three major crises in two years. In addition, I had very little energy and I was very tired. Mr. Pavan’s prana-therapy gave me a lot of energy. And more importantly, Pavan allowed me to accept my sickness, to stop being afraid, and to be confident in the future. In a few months, I will be able say more about the evolution of the sickness and will let you know.

Thank you, Pavan. You have changed my life.


I came for my problems of compulsive nutrition and my hypothyroidism and deep anger.

During my first session of pran therapy, my pain linked to previous life came to surface again: I lived two lives where my present father killed me. During the sessions that followed, I meditated on Pavan-ji’s recommendations so that I could feel the love of my parents and all that they did for me.

I understand that whatever I am today is because of their care and support. Today I am in peace concerning my past sufferings. My mind is calmer and my inner battles are over. I will practise regularly the exercises that he taught me and I promise myself to meditate once a week to calm my mind.


Ten years of backache brought me to meet Pavan. With his help, I was hoping to cope better with the pain, the fatigue and the blues that came with them.

After four sessions of pran therapy, I realised, without daring to believe it, that the pain was gone. Pavan encourages me to trust this back and ensures that the pain is gone.

He taught me some exerciese (yogasanas) and routines that I should follow. I am deeply thankful to him. I hope that my experience and Pavan’s knowledge will benefit others.


I came because of pains in my cervicals. I underwent surgery many times. The last operation joined the atlas and the axis with screws, which made me unable to turn my head. I did seven sessions of prana-therapy. When I started the sessions, my pain was really intense, but it gradually diminished a lot and so did my tensions. Now, I will put into practice what I was taught by Pavan and I am sure that my pain will go away completely.

I was conscious of the pain all the time and it has wasted a lot of time of my life. My thoughts were focused on it and I could not let go and enjoy life. I was in a box filled with interdictions. At the end of the sessions, I felt much more calm and relaxed. I had the feeling that I could breathe again, that I had a body that could move!

So now I can say thank you! Thank you to Pavan Jain, Salwa, and Erika who helped me follow this path and thank you to life!


In connection with a ski accident and after an arthroscopy I’d developed a Sudeck’s atrophy, neuroalgodystrophy with limited mobility, loss of muscular tissue and pain… After four years the allopathic medicine proved to be of no help to me any more. The knee still didn’t bend. Walking and standing resulted in back and diverse pain. The muscular tissue didn’t build up again.

This is when I have the tremendous opportunity to meet Pavan. After the first healing session by prana my knee could be bent 15 cm more than before. He asked me to get up and walk. As a habit I still hobbled. Once the healing session had finished, it was incredible to realise that my posture had changed completely. I had a straight and balanced posture allowing me to see in front of me and where ever I put my feet. It was magnificent. The next day and the day after some emotions came up.

I’ve a few simple exercises to do now. Once again I can walk on uneven ground. I rediscover my body to be straight, in balance and strong. The muscles rebuilt up slowly.

I will never be able to thank Pavan sufficiently for everything what he’s done for me in such a “simple” way with immense love. He’s a rare person. God bless pran therapy. Thanks Pavan.


After this course (Yoga Course) with Pavan ji my vision of Yoga is quite different. Today it is more rich and more complete.

Pavan ij has conveyed with great generosity and simplicity the knowledge of Yoga including all its benefits for the body and mind.

This course is not just a practice of physical exercises like I was used to in classical courses in France, Europe or elsewhere.

He taught me the science of Yoga with its regular practices and the respect as well as the consciousness of the elements surrounding us. A teaching revealing the wisdom of thousand of years which he practises and shares for the only purpose which is to stay healthy, in harmony with oneself and with everything surrounding us.

I can just encourage everybody longing for a beautification of her or his life to gather ones own experience of this course.

I express all my gratitude and respect to Pavan ji for having shared a part of his teaching and hope to learn much more from him.

Dhanyavad. Merci. Thank you.

Video. Below is a video testimonial from Séverine.


It’s a big and nice experience to learn from a real master. The science of Yoga is much bigger than what we learn in Europe. In addition to being a guru with lot of wisdom, knowledge and compassion, Pavan ji is very present to make life of students easy and more comfortable.

I’m grateful to him for having inculcated in me ethical and spiritual values, for having shown to me the discipline lacking so far in my practice and for having acquired nice instruments in such a joyful way.

The theoretical and practical parts of the course are taught with such simplicity, joy and wish to share, in the respect of each and every individual.

Now the door is open…I simply need to practise and live the joy of Yoga with all my gratitude towards life, nature and my Guru.

Rama Shanker

Aura healing was given for about 10 minutes by Aura Healer and Yogacharya Pavan Jain of Lucknow, India who has a special techniqure to cure quickly, say 10 minutes, the stiffness and pain due to frozen shoulder. This is feedback of one of the patients of frozen shoulder. Shri Rama Shanker Prasad is giving feedback on the effectiveness of aura healing on his problem of Frozen Shoulder condition.

Jagjit Singh Chandhok

Aura healing was given for about 15 minutes by Aura Healer and Yogacharya Pavan Jain of Lucknow, India who has a special techniqure to cure quickly, say 10 minutes, the stiffness and pain due to frozen shoulder. This is feedback of one of the patients of frozen shoulder. Shri Jagjit Singh Chandhok is giving feedback on the effectiveness of aura healing on his problem of Frozen Shoulder condition.

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