Pavan Jain

Pavan Jain has been teaching “Ha” “Tha” Yoga (Yoga asana, mudra, bandha, pranayama), Raj Yoga (meditation), Yogic healing science – Aura healing (pran therapy/ pranic healing/ reiki healing/energy medicine), and giving treatment since 1986. His students and patients hail from various countries and every walk of life including medical doctors.

He is conducting workshops at various training institutes, universities, colleges, government departments and private companies to motivate and teach how to prevent common problems and improve health by changing the life style.

He has successfully cured problems of depression, sleep disorder, diabetes, migraine, headache, asthma, spondylitis, spondylosis, sacroilitis, sciatica, central retinal vein occlusion, iritis, sinusitis, arthritis, hyperacidity, constipation, excessive gas formation, hormonal imbalance, irregular menstruation, inability to conceive, and many other conditions.

He has succeeded in removing pain and stiffness due to problems of frozen shoulders of patients within ten minutes by Aura Healing  (pran therapy/pranic healing).

He has had success in curing several patients who had gone into a coma after brain surgery and there was no hope of recovery of the patient to his normal condition according to surgeons or doctors. Pavan could bring hope back and help in total recovery by aura healing (pran therapy/pranic healing).

He has helped people suffering from cancer in getting them cured quickly by motivating them to live happily and also by giving prana to improve their energy level so that medicines could be more effective.

During aura healing  (pran therapy/pranic healing) of patients he has sometimes felt the smell of various substances in the aura like milk, tobacco, caraway (ajwain) etc. which were disturbing the free flow of pran. The patients got cured immediately when aura was cleaned and the use of that substance was discontinued.

He has had success in curing many other problems which were not getting cured by any other system of therapy.

His experience is that problems (Dukh) arise due to unhealthy life style, improper functioning of chakras, deficiency of prana or obstruction in flow of prana, lack of peace of mind, lack of regular practice of yogasana, past life emotional setbacks and  past life sadness (Dukh) giving karma besides other known medical reasons. So the patient should have an integrated (integrative) approach to any problem and benefit from all treatment of yogic science simultaneously with medical treatment. Every therapy has its own limitation. Our physical wellness is not only influenced by physically visible conditions. According to yoga science, the human body is composed of five bodies: physical body, pranic body, mental body, intellectual body, and spiritual body. Therefore, the yogic healer /aura healer (pran therapist/ pranic healer/reiki healer) works with all these  bodies to remove any problem. Proper sleep, diet, thinking, karma and practice of meditation, pranayama and yogasana are a good way to keep away problems and diseases in life.

He has shared his experiences by writing articles in newspapers, magazines, and giving talks on TV. He wrote in the English daily Hindustan Times the Lucknow edition for several years in his weekly column “Mind Mantra” and in a Hindi magazine “Vanita” being published in India. Click here to see articles.

He is conducting workshops/trainings at the Centre as well as at several other places on request to motivate people to change their life style and practise regularly some techniques of yoga science to remain healthy and happy.

His experience is that spinal problems can be easily avoided if every one learns to sit properly and do a few yogasanas regularly. For this reason, he has written a book in Hindi on this subject titled “Reedh Ka Dard-Samasyayen Avam Yogic Upchar”, published by Pustak Mahal ISBN 978-81-223-0995-9. Many back and spinal problems can be avoided through proper education about posture and back care. This book allows people to achieve better back and spinal health through proper techniques and he has designed back supports and meditation chairs for this reason.

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