Welcome. Satya Bodh Yoga and Healing Centre was originally founded by Pavan Jain in the city of Lucknow, India in 2002 to teach and treat local people as well as those coming from various countries. In 2023, Pavan Jain shifted to Iowa City, U.S.A. and is continuing to fulfill the mission of his centre from the new location.

Mission. The mission of the Centre is to:

  • train people in Yogasana, Yogic Shatkarma, Pranayama, Meditation
  • train people in Aura Healing (pran therapy or pranic healing or reiki healing)
  • inculcate moral and spiritual values in people
  • educate people to have an integrated-approach to any disease or problem
  • motivate people to choose a healthy life style

Pavan Jain. Satya Bodh Yoga and Healing Centre was founded by Pavan Jain. Pavan has been teaching “Ha” “Tha” Yoga (Yoga asana, mudra, bandha, pranayama), Raj Yoga (meditation), Yogic healing sciences (aura healing/pran therapy/ pranic healing/ reiki healing/energy medicine), and giving treatment since 1986.

His students and patients hail from various countries and every walk of life including medical doctors. Click here to read more about Pavan Jain.

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